Womb Healing:
The Divine Feminine Power of the Womb

The Divine Power of the Womb is the Essential Power of Creation. 
It is the Divine Feminine Power that Created Everything .

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Enlightenment, Miracles and the Sacred Feminine Energy in You



Womb Chakra purification and practices can eliminate the negative effects of:

Within every woman is an access point to the divine creative power. It is the seat of feminine power.  It is your connection point to Mother Divine’s womb—the great Goddess who created all things.

Empower Your Soul and Womb

The Holy Womb Chakra directs the soul development of a baby while it is in the womb. However, when the Womb Chakra is purified and empowered it can also enhance the woman's own soul development.

The Holy Womb Chakra is a primary resting place of the soul energy. It is also a connection to karma and to the creation energies of the universe. Through purifying and empowering your womb chakra you gain access to this eternal energy.

The Womb Chakra is not the second chakra. It is a special chakra that only women have in their psychical body in addition to their subtle /soul body.  Men have a womb chakra only at the subtle/ soul level and must access its energy through the Womb Chakra of a woman on whom they have pure love.

Purification of the Womb Chakra helps eliminate karmas, negative influences of Kama (desire) and their play in creating negative Karma.


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Pregnancy and Conception

"A mother can bring enlightenment to the baby she's carrying in her womb. She can make her child into a pure crystal divine soul. She can say prayers so the child's soul will come out very strong, with a lot of clarity. "
Sri Kaleshwar

There are divine prayers a mother can do for her baby while in the womb to make her child a divine soul.

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There are also divine processes a mother and father can do at the time of conception that can bring high divine power to the baby. These processes from the ancient palm leaf books are known in modern times as the Holy Womb Process through the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar.  To Learn more about this you need to take the Holy Womb Chakra Class.  Inquire at:  soulhealer@taosnet.com

angel Pregnant Mothers-- Give Your Baby Enlightenment        

A pregnant mother can receive a Baby Blessing Shaktipat to make her child like a divine soul.

"It's an easy way to awaken the soul from that point, when it is in the womb. The womb is the direct channel and the most direct highway to receive the energy. When she's growing a baby in her womb, that's the best time for her to get shaktipat and bring enlightenment to her child."
Sri Kaleshwar

Learn more and find a healer in your area who can give a baby blessing shaktipat


There are also Simple Prayers Mothers can do for thier Chidren who are Already Born


Holy Womb Class

Through the grace of Swami Kaleshwar of India these ancient palm leaf book teachings on purification of the holy womb are now available to the Western World. The Holy Womb Chakra Process, for both men and women, washes out past karmas, heartbreaks, and negative and abusive sexuality. The powerful mantra and yantra (sacred diagram) processes taught not only purify the womb chakra they can build union energy in relationships, bring divine energy to conception and pregnancy, and strengthen the connection to the miracle energies.

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Wounding of the Womb

Unfortunately most women are unaware of this power point. Further, this power point is wounded within them. Historical attacks upon and subjugation of the feminine have obscured the information and shut down the womb power of women. In addition, personal wounding (sexual attack or abuse, grief, negative sexuality, miscarriage, abortion, hysterectomy etc.) has robbed this power point of its essential energy.

Healing the Wounds

Through the grace of my teacher in India you can awaken this power point in you. Once this power point is awakened the energy of the divine feminine can be connected. Through the process of awakening and engaging the womb energy we are recreated in the image of the divine feminine.

When rooted within our womb power point the divine feminine energy itself brings forward what needs to be cleansed and healed. Deep wounds (personal and historical) surface for release and healing. It is a difficult (and sometimes lengthy) process but the rewards are great.

The Power of the Divine Feminine

Once this healing has begun the womb power purifies within us. This purification allows our physical bodies and energy bodies to hold the higher vibratory frequencies that are the divine feminine. When fully purified our connection to the divine feminine is no longer an external or ephemeral experience-it is us.

As a woman this energy is your birthright!

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Why now?

Why would this energy that has been obscured by subjugation and wounding for centuries suddenly make itself known? We are entering a time period of the feminine. This time period of the feminine-predicted by the Maya as shifting over in 2012-is alluded to in many traditions (including Inkan and Vedic). The great creative power of all that is must return in full force and beauty to the earth and especially to the womb power of women. Women must re own and harmonize with this divine energy. Of course men have a place as well-they must learn to open their hearts. It is our future.

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Sacred Menses

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Who am I?

I am Cindy Lindsay Rael. (www.soulhealer@taosnet.com). I have for 12 years worked within the traditions taught by Swami Kaleshwar in India. I am a graduate of Soul University in Penukonda India and a certified teacher and healer of these practices. The reverence for the Mother and her divine energy and the understanding of creation energies in this tradition is deep and powerful.

Prior to this I was a healer for over 10 years in the Inka Shamanic traditions of Peru. In those traditions I have studied with Alberto Villoldo, Jose Luis Hererra, Don Martin Pinedo and taken classes with Michael Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. In addition, I have trained with a number of North American Native and Non-Native healers.

The energy of the ancient Hindu system is so strong, that I no longer do healing from the shamanic approaches I previously used. However my previous teachings can be accessed through a downloadable set of classes on the Inka Shamanic approaches to the womb.