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Divine Baby Shaktipat Blessing


"A mother can bring enlightenment to the baby she's carrying in her womb. She can make her child into a pure crystal divine soul."
Sri Kaleshwar

What is this blessing?

As part of the ancient knowledge and practices of the Holy Womb Chakra, this blessing takes advantage of the miracle timing of being in its mother's womb to give huge blessings to the soul of a baby.

"It's an easy way to awaken the soul from that point, when it is in the womb. The womb is the direct channel and the most direct highway to receive the energy. When she's growing a baby in her womb, that's the best time for her to get shaktipat and bring enlightenment to her child." Sri Kaleshwar

What happens in this blessing?

With a transmission of divine energy to the pregnant mother her baby's soul can be strongly blessed to be enlightened like a divine soul.

This particular energy blessing (shaktipat) is administered with sandalwood paste and touching of the practitioner's thumb on the 3rd eye of the mother. In the Shaktipat the practitioner channels divine energy through silent mantras and connection to God energy.

What if I just get shaktipat from some other healer?

Though divine energy transmissions to a Mother while a baby is in the womb will confer some energy to the baby, this particular divine blessing can only be done by those initiated in a high divine process in India in 2010. Sri Kaleshwar initiated a few healers to give this powerful blessing with charged sandal wood paste. Not all the healers who received that 2010 transmission have elected to be listed here. Therefore, to ensure you are getting this blessing, please ask if the person was in attendance at Shiva Ratri 2010 with Swami Kaleshwar in Penukonda, India.


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Bay Area, Nina Ketscher,

Campbell, Cecilia "Kausiki" Trahan,

Corte Madera, Marcie Anderson

Felton, Carmen DeVida,

Frazier Park, Annie Rikel,

Gardena (Los Angeles area), Andrea Dunham,

Gardena, Alicia Figueroa-Tiler,

Glendale/Pasadena, Vanig Torikian,

Grover Beach, Pia Kelley,

Laguna woods, 92637, Zahir Movius,

Laytonville, Shakti Thompson,

Los Angeles and San Diego area, Christinea Lata Johnson

Los Angeles, Chinello,

Los Angeles, Robin Strayhorn,

Los Angesles (area) Mutiam,

Los Oso, Grace Rose,Monterey,

Monterey, Carmen DeVida,

Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties, Paula Fava,

Paso Robles, Linda Morris,

Paso Robles, Janice Strakbein,

San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area, Kristen Joy,

San Jose (San Francisco Bay Area) Jeff Bogart,

San Jose, Andrea Williamson,

San Jose, Maya Knowles,

San Leandro, May Roberts,

San Luis Obispo, Catherine Darling,

San Luis Obispo, Tara Burke,

Santa Barbara, Karen Michaels,

Santa Cruz Sylvia Drahos - Gautami,

Santa Cruz, Alyson Vanderbeck,

Santa Monica/West Los Angeles/Pacific Palisades, Lynn Berlad,

Santa Rosa, Maggie Caffery,

Torrance, Teresa Morrissey,

Watsonville, Susan Gordon,

Willits, Rosalie Anchordoguy,


Boulder, Laura,

Broomfield , Prem Amrita

Castle Rock, Martha Mitchell,

Colorado Springs, Marc Jenesel,

Colorado Springs, Suzanna Schulze,

Denver, Mairead Kerr,

Denver metro and surrounding areas and Summit and Park counties, Olivia Motyl,

Highlands Ranch, Anjana Rao,


Tampa, Chinello,

The Villages, Jean Schaich,


Haiku, Cher Vrieling,



Chicago, Maria Saranteas,



Minneapolis/St. Paul, Christina Marie,


New Mexico

Albuquerque, Maurine Renville,

Taos and Northern NM, Cindy Lindsay


New Jersey

East Hanover, Mohini,


New York

New York, V. Noel Janis,

New York City & Glen Cove, Mohini,



Cincinnati, Harry Whited,

Cincinnati, Kelly Whited,

New Richmond, Shalini Teagarden,

Rockbridge, Brenna Evans,



Portland, Ami Oyarzabal,



Knoxville and surrounding area, Kimberly Naujock-Hargrove,

Tennessee, Knoxville and surrounding area, Chris Hargrove,



Austin, Marie Case,



Salt lake, Mata,



Seattle, Patricia Song,

Seattle, Raju Bouchard,



Thiensville (Milwaukee area),Marda Arkebauer,


U.S. Virgin Islands

Therese Rose Lopez,

St. Thomas, Anora Fox,