A Mother Can Create a Divine Child


    "A mother is the number one healer to her child, more even than a master. Even more than Jesus."

Sri Kaleshwar

At the Time of Birth

At the moment she is giving birth, she can protect the soul of her child most powerfully. She has the full right to command on her child’s soul. At that exact time, she can pray for her child,

Right now, I’m giving greatest wisdom to my child. Right now, I’m giving greatest good fortune to my child. Right now, I’m giving greatest knowledge to my child. Right now, I’m giving the strongest enlightenment channel to my child to connect to God. I’m commanding on God to give that.”

Her child will receive whatever she blesses. She is has full authority over her child at that time.

During Pregnancy

When a woman is carrying a baby in her womb she is the total authority, she can transmit the highest divine energy to her child.

If she says her prayer a minimum of 5-9 times before she delivers the baby, it has an unbelievably powerful effect on the baby. When the baby comes out, it will be very healthy, happy, clever, brilliant and charming compared with other children. The child will do wonders in the world. This is the philosophy of the Vedic tradition. This is what Mother Mary did.

For Children Already Born

    Even if a mother has children that are 30, 40 years old, they can send more energy even than a master because her soul has the strongest connection to her children through her blood.

She can connect to her children wherever they are on the planet. The mother can sit in her prayer room and send her energy and love and grace for just 20 minutes. She must surround herself with candles when she prays. The candle light is very, very important. That energy is important. The candles must be all the same size. Everyone can test it practically how much effect it has on the children."

- Sri Kaleshwarrose