Sacred  Menses

The womb is naturally powerful. Holding your menses sacred is an ancient practice that helps you to maintain and build the divine power of the feminine in you.  During menses you are decharging energy.  That is a great energetic gift. You can release any negativity you have encountered in the month before. 

Honor Silence and Separation

During sacred menses you should remain as silent and separate as possible for the first three days of menstrual flow. 

Of course, in modern life we are not free to just stay home and hide.  We can however:
•    Avoid negative and excessive talk,
•    Take time to meditate or sit in nature,
•    Avoid parties and social gatherings
•    Choose solitary and uplifting tasks
•    Listen to beautiful music with positive lyrics or themes
•    Remember to: stop rushing, breath deeply, and laugh
•    Practicing staying calm and happy

 Avoid Exchange of Bodily Fluids

For first three days of menstrual flow avoid all exchange of bodily fluids.  This includes: no kissing, exchanging of saliva or sweat, and no sexual intercourse. 

Exchange of these bodily fluids can be disturbing to your womb energy and pass to others the negativity you are decharging.   One major result of that is that it can ruin relationships by causing all sorts of emotional ups and down, and conflicts between partners.

There is only one exception, exchange of saliva, sweat and breast milk between mother and child are fine.

Charge Your Womb With Divine Power

During menses you are not only decharging but you are primed to be able to pull into you the highest divine energy.
•    Meditate
•    Be silent
•    Pray
•    Chant
•    Go into Nature
•    Fill your senses with beauty in all it forms (music, art, food, smells, nature…)

Mantras For Remaining Calm And Emotionally Balanced

Chant for a few minutes 1-2 times a week while you are relaxed (like while taking your morning tea).

Om Brahma-Nada Swarupam

Dheem Dheem Dheem

Akunda-Brahmhay Vishwa- Shakti

Raksha Raksha Raksha

Sit facing East at moonrise time on new or full moon and chant this Shakti Gayatri Mantra 108 times.

Om Aim Aim Aim

Kleem Kleem Kleem

Saoum Sauom Saoum

Om Bhur Bhuva Suvaha

Tat Savituur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Di-Mahi Dhi-yo-yo Naha


Processes for Releasing Negative Emotions and Energy

For all these approaches, set your intent to release and return to calm.  You can also imagine the negative emotions and energy flowing out of you.

•    Put your bare feet on the earth for 15-20 minutes
•    Put feet in water (with rose water or roses in it) up to knees and soak 15-20 minutes.
•    Lay on your back with your knees bent and put a rose head under each bent knee for 15-20 minutes, then throw roses outside in nature
•    Hold a black stone and dump the negative energy in to it with your intent.
•    Take a bath or shower and chant “HUM”
•    Put your thumb in a rose head for 10-15 minutes, then throw rose outside in nature

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