The Empowered Womb Self-Practices


3 Secrets Every Woman Should Know

1.    You have within you the highest power in the universe.  This power is greater than any man will ever have.

2.    If you can access and purify this power you can recreate your life and the lives of your children to happiness, spiritual connection, and enlightenment.

3.    There are powerful ancient practices that you can easily do to access, purify and use this power in you.


The Divine Power of the Womb Chakra is the Essential Power of Creation. It is the Divine Feminine Power that Created Everything


Within every woman is an access point to the divine creative power--The Holy Womb Chakra.   This chakra is not the second chakra.  It is a primary resting place of the soul energy. It is also a connection to karma and to the creation energies of the universe. 

Ancient practices from the palm leaf manuscripts of India can help you to purify your Womb Chakra and access this divine power within.  Thanks to Swami Kaleshwar these practices have been given for all women.

Basic Womb Purification—Clearing Abuse and Negativity

This mantra also purifies the womb from negative or excessive sexuality, and sexual abuse.   Chant mantra 108 times in row for 101 days in a row while looking at the Holy Womb Chakra yantra below.

        Mantra:           Vishwashakti Avaham

You must also Chant this Earth Mantra 108 times a day each day for the first 41 days of chanting Vishwashakti Avaham.

Om Sra Nam Bhuum                           
Mama kuru svaha 

Charging: Chant 108 times per day for 41 days in a row. Hold your thumb on the ground while chanting.  (do not sit directly on ground— sit on chair , pillow or towel.)  but put your thumb on the earth or in a potted plant. 

Basic Process to Purify Your Connection Back to the Creation

    Your womb chakra is connected through the line of women’s wombs back to the original creation point of all things—the womb of Mother Divine.  By purifying this connection through your mother’s womb you open your access to the Divine Energies of all creation.  Even if your relationship to your mother was not positive, this process will open that pathway for your empowerment. Many who have had trouble with their mother have felt the power and peace of this simple process.

Get a picture of your mother or visualize her in your mind.   Each day for 21 days (or longer) connect into her eyes in the picture or visualization.  Then surrender by going down with your head to the ground and thank her for giving you birth. “I forgive you, and please forgive me for everything that has happened until now.” It doesn’t matter if your mother is alive or not. Each day different issues may come up, just stay with your head down till you feel some shift in the issue.

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