Inka Shamanic Knowledge of the Womb and Womb Chakra:
The Creation Power of Women

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Presented by Cindy Lindsay Rael, Ph.D.

This recorded course explores the energies of creation and of the womb and womb chakra from the Inka Shamanic knowledge.

In the Inka belief, the same energy that created all things is physically and metaphysically mapped into women in the womb and womb chakra. Thus the womb chakra and womb are the power of all creation hidden with in us. When we learn to cleanse, honor, and use it wisely we become masters of creation energy. Only women have a womb chakra and thus the Inka believe it is the calling of women to manifest, heal and create the divine in the world from the power of this chakra. Energizing the womb chakra and engaging its divine nature propels a woman into her divine power and service in the world.

However in modern times this essential power of women has been ignored and damaged through historical, karmic or personal wounding. The womb and womb chakra therefore need to be understood, energized and held in sacred nature to restore the feminine power to women.

This course explores the processes of the great creation and its relationship of the elements and creation powers within the womb and womb chakra of women. We will also discuss:

Cindy is now practicing the teachings of Swami Kaleshwar.  Thus these recorded classes are the last teachings of this shamanic knowledge.